Friday, February 7, 2014

OOTD: Cowgirl at Heart

 I never really grew up in the "country." At least, not as much in the country as my soul feels like I did. In my head I grew up on a horse farm 30 minutes out of town, surrounded by more breathtaking landscape than city roads, telephone lines and neighbors. In reality I have never lived more than 15 minutes from a town with a grocery store and shopping complex, nor ever had the experience of being without a dense cluster of neighbors. Being just beyond town has always been my home. (I've only ever moved twice in my life that I remember - but that's for another post.)

There's always been a country girl living inside my soul. Horses, country music (I grew up on it!), farms with large fields, gardens, wooded trails, bonfires, nights spent watching the stars on a black sky, cut-off shorts, plaid shirts - they've all called my name. Growing up a few friends of mine did live in the country; whenever I visited, I felt at home on the land. I love the peace of the country - the stillness that comes with being physically set apart from busy society. I'm a social creature. I love people. But I love coming home to nature, to quiet, to beauty. The country has always symbolized all three for me.

While I cannot have them right now, my vision board is full of pictures of a future home with fields for my future horses, green houses and gardens, and wooden trails through the forest. I even have managed to save $400 over the past several years towards my dream horse. It's no where near enough right now, but it keeps me holding on to that dream. It makes it more tangible. (I've got at least eight years of graduate school before I settle down, anyway! I've lots of time to build savings up.)

My striped shirt featured here isn't exactly "country." But my boots and belt are! I have been wanting cowgirl boots for years, the real kind that can be used for barn work, but I've been unable to afford them. One day mom came home from shopping and handed me these beauties. They aren't exactly "official" cowgirl boots, but I love them none-the-less! They're my new favorite fashion accessory. (Edit: The plaid shirt might not be entirely country, but the design and the mellowed purposefully worn colors sure do fit my earthy-artsy-nerdy side!)

  • Shirt: J.C. Penney (bought last year with a coupon!)
  • Jeans: dELiA*s (bought during a huge sale - so I got four pair for the price of two!)
  • Belt: Old Navy (bought during one of their specials and with a coupon - it was practically free!)
  • Cowgirl boots: Khol's (Clearance item! I cannot remember the discount price exactly, but it was somewhere around $20 marked down from $79.)
  • Earrings and necklace: gifts from over the years
  • Rings: gifts and random finds

True to form, I'm keeping up with my Bargain Queen fashion status.

Up-close shots of the necklace, the boots (I couldn't resist showing off their detailing), the belt's detailing and, inadvertently, the shirt:

I never used to be a belt-lover, but within the past few years I've fallen in love with belts.
I wear them all the time. I must have about ten different ones, all for different kinds of outfits.
This particular belt is one of my favorite "every day" belts.

New favorite shoes! I love the decorative pattern.
I am a huge lover of peace, so a few years ago mom thought it a great idea to give me a necklace
that has three prominent symbols of it: the peace sign, the word "peace," and a dove.

I hope you're giving into your soul's loves and desires. Happy weekend, everyone!

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