The Wackadoodles

 On January 3rd, 2013 my mother walked into my room, raking a comb through her damp hair, and announced: “We’re all wackadoodles.”


“Our family.” She confirmed, “We’re wackadoodles. We’re wacky and crazy, and doodles are happy!” Beaming at me she added: “You’re my little wackadoodle.” The rest of the morning - while doing dishes and laundry and even when organizing - she took every opportunity to call me her ‘little wackadoodle.’

I laughed until my sides hurt and tears streamed down my face. The previous night’s conversation had consisted of mom, dad and I giving animated voices to our dogs' thoughts. Dinner at my house feels like Family Comedy Hour and talking to inanimate objects is a family norm. My friends are automatic familial extensions. My father walks into my room on Star Wars day and says: "I heard you may have a Yoda with you today." The one time my family and I took a road trip to Pennsylvania we laughed so hard that I’m sure every gas station worker assumed us drunk. We make games out of making fun of the English language and all of its quirks (the avid lovers of language that we are) – including street signs on road trips (things happen in the small confine of a car when oxygen runs low). My mother announces out of nowhere that we are wackadoodles.

Our adventures never end.

So, I invite you to come…meet our wackadoodle clan and join us if you can.

Meet the Wackadoodles

  The Energizer Bunny (Amara):

"No, mom, I wasn't playing in the leaves, honest!"
Also known as the teddy bear, Amara has taken up doggie sliding. She loves to run down the hall and jump onto her dog bed so that it slides across the floor with her in it. She also spends her days sneakily stealing food from her older 'sister,' earning her the title of Food Thief. Oh, but that isn't her only title of Thiefdom. She is also the house Paper Thief, for if she spies paper - and recently pencils - on her eye level, she snatches it for ransom.

 Her Royal Queen of Fluffdom ( Peaches):

Peaches and the Pea
Fitting with her royal title, Peaches will make home on anything soft and cozy. And if something finds its way onto the floor - never mind if it is a sweatshirt or a plastic bag - it is her new bed. Laps are also a must-have. If you pet this fluffball she will curl up and be your best friend for the rest of your stay. Don't let her incredibly sweet persona fool you! She is quietly sneaky; convinced she is invisible to the human eye, she is the toy hoarder of the family. Every morning and night meal time is 'bury time' as she buries her food with toys - and air - for later. Her stare is sharp and piercing, as if willing you to follow her every command (because, obviously she owns you, not the other way around). Where her sister throws herself at you, demanding attention, Peaches stares up and says, "I'm cute. You love me. Don't you want to cuddle?"

The Spazz (Pele): A kickboxer in another life, Pele is a never ending source of energy and entertainment. Who needs an alarm clock when you have this little guy waking you up at the first sign of morning light? A shelter-born Parakeet, he was the smallest little guy I'd ever seen, but he has a personality and vitality large enough to compensate. He has a love-hate relationship with his toys (he's speaking sweetly to them one moment, whacking them the next) and is in terribly need of flight lessons. And let me tell you, boy, does he love to talk! 
Poof: One of the more recent additions to the family, Poof is a rare breed of small, pink, giggling squirrels. He is a very special gift from my father on the eve before my wisdom teeth extration. Now he has retired from his position as Recovery Buddy and has been promoted to College Dorm Room Defender. While not securing the apartment, Poof enjoys tea and snuggling and, of course, laughter.

Note: not displayed here are images or descriptions of my parents and I, but never fear! There will be plenty of time to get to know us well, too. You'll hear plenty about our quirks as posts unfold.

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