Friday, March 7, 2014

Three Blessings

Note: this post was supposed to happen on Monday, but I have since come down with a bought of Feeling Like Death virus. After a series of delays, Monday's post is now Friday's.

It's a Monday. The week just begun and already I'm dragging my feet. From the moment I woke up I knew I needed a morale boost. On the way home today I bought myself a treat,a Newman's Own Organics peppermint chocolate cups set. Dark chocolate is my favorite, silky, rich chocolate. Mint is soothing. As an anxiety-ridden student this week, I could do with a little soothing richness!

Bless local health food stores.

At home, settled into my recliner and fresh pair of pajamas, I tore open the package. Surrounded by homework, highlighters, dozens of pens and textbook stacks I already felt anxiety crashing waves against my internal peace; I needed a chill-pill.

When I went to remove a chocolate cup from the tray, I paused. I stared. Something about the choice of three cups struck me. It also struck me that I had never truly stopped to pay attention to how many chocolate cups were in the package. How strange. Years I have eaten this chocolate; years  I have overlooked the depth in a very simple fact. It sounds crazy, I know! It's just chocolate. But three has always been a very special number for my family, very powerful. Finding these three chocolate cups, as silly as it sounds, helped me to re-center. It reminded me of blessings.

Three delicious gems.

I closed my eyes, savored the taste of mint-chocolatey goodness and began to ruminate. In my head I began to list off my blessings, everything I was grateful for, and all that had gone well and right. Instantly my anxiety alleviated. It isn't eliminated, but no longer is it crushing me. Because of this new-found peace, I wanted to share three of my blessings with you:
  • Love and good company of family and friends. A friend who texts me just to say she loves me, another to make sure I'm having a good day. One friend who drops by on her way to work to see how a hard exam went and another who picks up a piece of chocolate, because she knows it is my favorite. Those friends who no matter how long between talking, you start where you ended, with whom it feels you've been friends forever, even if you haven't. The friend  you've never met in person but knows you like a sister. A sister-in-law who has become a sister, not because she has married your brother, but because of a foundation of friendship. Family who loves you unconditionally, with whom you cry, scream and love. Those who always understand your quirkiness.  I am blessed to have many of these people in my life. It has taken me awhile to realize this and appreciate how rare and precious it is. Nothing's perfect - not all of my family and I are close and friends and I have drifted apart over the years - but I am grateful for everyone who is or has been in my life.

  • Peaches, my soul buddy, being "alright." Her Royal Queen of Fluffdom is getting up there in age; failing health is inevitable. While I'd love to keep her a pup forever, I know that's impossible.  I'm just grateful she is not suffering. Every additional day we have together is a blessing.

  • Support and guidance of my parents. On occasion anxiety kicks in. I panic that I might not get where I want to be in life. I question my talents. Sometimes, I worry I may not be following my own dreams. Whenever that happens, my parents remind me of one thing: they love me. Whatever I do, wherever my life goes, they will love and support me as much as they can. Reassured of that, everything is less oppressive.

What are three of your blessings today?

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