Monday, June 30, 2014

Bath Time


Last week we had bath-time for my little ragamuffins. Because I could not contain myself - can I ever with them? - I took pawparazzi pictures. Peaches moves around way too much for me to photograph her in the tub, but Amara tends to stand there, frozen, and occasionally huff at me. (Hence the slightly-out-of-focus pictures.)
Both Amara and Peaches tend to be a bit confused about bath time. They always seem to love the idea of it - until they get wet. In the morning when I go to wash my own hair and they hear the rush of water, they come running, begging to be put in the tub. Peaches'll half sit-half stand there, crying, wiggling her bum so fast that she could propel herself across the house with it. Meanwhile, Amara bounces around my feet like an unmanned pogo stick.

"Water? Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Bath. We want a bath! Take us with you! Can we come? Please, oh please, please, please let us bathe."

Then comes the actual bath time.

Maybe something gets lost in translation.

Maybe they forget that bath time means the water has to go on them.

Whatever it is, I am not their best friend. Peaches gives a dirty stare (which, given her gentle nature is humorous) as if cursing my existence. I can practically hear her grumble: "This is not what I signed on for."  Amara widens her eyes
, the epitome of puppy-dog eyes, and stares up at me, pleadingly: "But-but-but can't I come out now?"
"Mom. Mom, I'm wet. There is water on me.
I am standing in dampness. Mom.
Do something about this."

When it is all over, though, they both look up at me with such excitement. First, they deem me crazy for such torture. They return the favor by
soaking me shaking off their excess water. They zip around the bathroom celebrating their freedom - because, goodness knows, they almost drown in that prison filled with an inch of bath water. And then, finally, when they've completed their ritual they stare expectantly at me. Just like this.

"Treat time?"

Got her edgy chick look goin' on. I think she's adorable.
I need a picture.  She's wondering why I haven't gotten her food yet.


  1. Such sweet little faces!! My dog doesn't like bath time. Once he hears that faucet run, he's UNDER THE BED. GONE! lol atleast you don't have to struggle to get them in there!!

    1. Oh dear! What kind of pup is your sweetie? Does he also duck under the bed during thunder storms?

      My white one, Peaches, will run at bath time, too! If we're not ninja enough and she hears the faucet turn on, she'll run and duck behind the couch (her cave). She'll situate herself out of reach and when we go to look for her, she stares up at us all "ha-ha you can't get me" while wagging her tail. ;) lol

  2. awww so cute! my giant standard poodle hates baths (she loves water, so i don't know why) and always freaks out running around after.

    1. Oh my goodness, that must be hard to bath! I've gotten so used to bathing little mini-pups. I feel I'd be getting a bath if I tried to bath anything larger than them. ;)

      Your dog does that, too?! I also laugh like crazy because our Maltese, Peaches, our OCD pup, runs around freaking out and rubbing herself all over the floor after a bath. No matter how much we dry her off! I guess it isn't such an unusual quirk after all! Dogs are such funny creatures Gotta love them! <3