Sunday, July 6, 2014

OOTD: Fluffy, Fuzzy Fireworks.

Hello, not-so-closet animal lover here.

If you follow me on facebook, twitter, or here then you know my love for my furbabies is no secret. I don’t even try to hide it. Not even close. Cute levels run high and I cannot contain myself. They tilt their head the right way and I’m awing. They whine just right and I’m running to find the nearest camera, praying they’ll do it again. 95% of my pictures are of them. I'm convinced their sleeping is the cutest thing on the planet. Oh, and those "please love me" eyes! They get me every time. Yes, yes - I'm one of those parents. Obsessive? Maybe. Addicted? Probably. Head-over-heels in love with my lovebugs? Most definitely.

Why should America's birthday be any different? ;)

So, between a cloudy, cold, rainy afternoon spent shopping, the most delicious mug of vanilla Chai ever (fair trade organic from Starbucks!), and watching Independence Day I found time to center my attention on my fuzzballs. Now, I don't just mean in bundles of cuddles. (Not that they'd have minded.) Goodness, I spoil them all the time like that. I mean in my attire. I kept a piece of them with me all day, even when we weren't home.


I have one pup-tastic 4th of July t-shirt.

I go weak in the knees for anything cute.

I am indeed the girl who has a graphic tee specifically for a holiday. (It's kind of a wonder I don't have a Christmas sweater. I want to change this!) How it came to be mine is quite simple. Dad picked up the shirt, held it out to me and announced: "Look, it's Peaches!" (He knows me so well.) Staring up at me from the navy blue background was an adorable likeness of a white fluffball, much like my beloved soul-buddy. There was no questioning. I was sold.

Every where I go, when I get complimented on how cute my shirt is, I cannot help but smile ear-to-ear. Happily I admit to them, "it reminds me of my dog." Occasionally it takes them by surprise that this 20-something is daring to wear a graphic tee because it reminds them of their pup. Other times, my favorite times, it makes them smile ear-to-ear as they tell me how much they love their own special pet. Arguably not the most fashionable attire, this comfortable tee brings me such joy. I wear it only once a year. Twice, occasionally. (The 4th of July and Memorial Day.) It is reserved only for special occasions. Very fitting for something that depicts a likeness of one of my most special friends. My pets are my special friends, my babies - literally my pride and joy. I completely understand how parents adore their real babies, just because of how much love bursts from my heart for my furbabies.

Sometimes I think: if I take this many pictures of my dogs, if I am this in love with them, I cannot begin to fathom how much more it'll be when I have children of my own some day.

(A side note on the sweater I'm wearing: this sweater has easily become my new favorite piece. I have owned it for years but rarely worn it. This year I have paired it with 5 different outfits so far. It has enhanced them all! Proof that a good piece, no matter how old, can always be in style when paired right!)
  • Shirt: Walmart (bought years ago during one of their post-holiday sales)
  • Shorts: Khols (bought five years ago during a sale - two pairs for the price of one! I just love the weathered look, it fits my inner-country soul)
  • Sweater: Khols (bought years ago, again, on sale.)
  • Sandals:  Vionic by Orthaheel, purchased at Lamey Wellehan earlier this year. (Side note: these shoes are normally a bit pricey, especially for my bargain shopping soul. However, I am flat footed and suffer a lot from back pain. So I have recently decided that quality is more important than bargain buys...however, this doesn't mean I cannot have both! These sandals were normally upwards of $100, depending on style. Lamey was having a sale when I bought them, though, which means I paid $60. I also recently discovered that Lamey Wellehan has an outlet store about an hour from my house - which  means even better discounts.)
  • Earrings: yard-sale find.
Up-close shots of my earrings and shoes.
When in Maine, wear lobsters!

Literally the most comfortable things I have ever, ever worn
on my feet. I don't now how I spent so many years
buying cheap shoes and suffering through them.

Lastly, because I mentioned my pups, here are some webcam photographs I took with them while watching Independence Day.  They - uh - didn't quite go as planned. Oh, the life of a Wackadoodle.

This wasn't quite the snuggle shot I intended.
The goofball first decided to contort her body and lay her head on my shoulder
for a few minutes. (It looks so uncomfortable, but she was so happy! Her
tail was going a mile-a-minute.)

... Then she dive-bombed my cheek with kisses.
I couldn't help myself but cuddle with her and (attempt to) get a
picture (er- more like a "lick-ture").

Peaches is so enthusiastic about life!

They see face. They can reach face. They must lick face.
You cannot tell they're sisters at all.

If I haven’t said it already: happy July, everyone!  (Also, did anyone else do a double take the first time they had to write 7.4.2014? Yikes! We're in the 7s already? The end of summer is approaching too quickly!)


  1. I would love to find a tee that had a dog on it that looked similar to my dog. I would wear it everywhere.

    1. Check Walmart! Target! Any of those kinds of stores (if you have them in your area). I never expected to find one similar to my Maltese, but there it was! You never know! What kind of dog is your pup?

  2. Super cute and definitely shows off how much you love the baby.

  3. That shirt is adorable! Love the shoes. I may have to check them out since I am a constant sandal wearer.

    1. Definitely do! I know they are a bit pricy, but saving up is totally worth it. I now where them all of the time and my back and feet thank me for it. Nothing compares!

  4. aww your pups are SO cute! I love that shirt!!

    1. It is awful, I'm a bit too obsessed with their cuteness. I just want to photograph everything they do, even sleep. Now, if I could only find a boy I was so in love with. ;)

  5. Hi, I'm absolutely in love with your pixie cut. And I'm a little jealous that you can pull it off so well. Also, puppies and puppy shirts are absolutely adorable.

    1. I have to admit, I never thought I'd be able to pull of a pixie! I've gone short before and hated it (it was this weird bob-pixie cross). It is proof that a really good hair dresser makes the world of difference! (Never know, maybe it'd look good on you, too!) This is the first girl who has really told me what she thought would be good on me and inspired confidence, so I just...went for it. Scary as ever, but worth it!

  6. That's an awesome shirt. And you are GORGEOUS.

    1. Awe! Thank you, on both accounts. You're too sweet. ♡

  7. i take way too many photos of my cats!! :) and my dog whenever i go home to my parents.

    1. Yay!! Pawparazzi unite! ;) (I recently noticed how much I take pictures of my own animals, so I coined the term. I mean, how can we help ourselves? Our pets are too adorable! If I had a cat I'd be going picture crazy, too!)

  8. Love the graphic T for sure :) You'll rock it every year ;)

    1. Way too proudly, for sure. ;) I need to get another one, a back-up, else I'll wear it out too soon!