Saturday, August 23, 2014

OOTD: Spring into Summer

It's back! Sky is back! He's so handsome, all shiny and new. I love and appreciate (and am grateful for) my desktop computer, but it does not make keeping in touch with friends or blogging easy at all. I was way too excited about Sky's return. There was massive amounts of hopping and jumping and dancing around my room. Even many some mad giggles.

If only you could have seen the crazy-eyed, wide-grinned smile at the first few posts on my refurbished laptop. Smiling like a giddy kid, doing happy dances to blasting country music, meanwhile all of my cleaning and organization I was working on (pre-semester prep) surrounded me in shambles. My first course of action? Update a few needed blog items.

That's it. I'm addicted. Hashtag: blogger4life.

Now, I can finally catch up on posts! First up, an old fashion from this past spring. (Yikes!) Here you go:

Spring is one of my favorite seasons. (Who am I kidding? I love them all. Each for very different, special reasons.) Spring holds the promise of new life. Behind me, our beautiful rhododendron is readying for its first bloom. First bloom occurred only a few short weeks after this shoot and was breathtaking. (Photos of the sight to come!) Before the bloom, the leaves were a deep olive green and on an unseasonably warm spring day, I couldn't help but make it my backdrop. Another favorite about spring: goodbye cold and snow, hello warm and sun! Our winter was bitter freezing snow infested a commuter's nightmare long. The photographer inside swooned at all of the snow-filled photography opportunities. Everything else was praying for an early spring.

Foot pop!
So on this beautiful, breezy spring day I dressed in my newest sundress. I jumped for joy internally! For years I never owned any sundresses - jeans girl all the way! - so this year I made it my personal mission to by several. This one of them. In fact, this was my first sundress since childhood! With all of its bright yellows, white daises, and bright aqua green, I could not pass it up.

I adore this cut-out back!

While not the same color green, I paired emerald green
crystal dangles with this aqua sundress. Thinking back
to my art days, I decided this near analogous color scheme (yellow
in daisies, green earrings (which has yellow in it), and aqua green
(which has both)) would be flattering compared to anything matchy-matchy.
Nude pumps are a cute fashion must!
My nails are a homemade mani- and pedicure designed for another outfit. (Sadly, that outfit had the photograph files corrupted. I'm in the attempts to salvage them.) There will be a DIY on those soon, too! It is a really easy, elegant design. I cannot wait to share it with you!

I just had to highlight my manicure beside
the rhododendron's buds!

  • Sweater:Old Navy
  • Dress:SO bought at Khol's.
  • Belt: Part of a skirt I bought at Khol's years ago.
  • Earrings: Khol's on clearance.
  • Rings: gifts and yard sale and Goodwill finds.  
  • Sandal pumps: Solos by Softspots bought at Walmart on clearance for $6. (Yahoo, bargain buys!)


    1. Such a fun dress. I got one at Khol's too this summer with the same type of cut out.

      1. Aren't they so much fun? I have another dress of the same shape, without the cut out, that has little birds on it. Summer dresses are so great! Khols is a gold mine of goodness ;).

    2. Adorable and very affordable! I had my laptop gone for a good two weeks this summer so I know how exciting it is to get it back!

      1. I cannot help but be a bargain-buy/affordable junkie. Sometimes - sometimes - I do splurge, but it tears at me. When I have other things to spend my money on, I try to limit expensive style.

        Oh, yay! I'm glad you understand! Technology detoxes are great and all, but getting your laptop back in the mail is so exciting! (I, uh, still haven't taken the plastic off my laptop...)

    3. I'm in love with this dress, and you look very beautiful.

      1. Awe, thank you. <3 That's very sweet of you! I'm not used to being in front of the camera - I'm so used to being behind it, taking the shots and posing the models!

        Khol's, Old Navy, and Bon-ton had gorgeous dresses this year! I recommend checking them out for end-of-season sales or seeing what they have next year when the season rolls around. (Admittedly, I'm not so much as a fashionista as to care about wearing last year's fashion the next year.)

    4. Your nails look great! Can't wait for the DIY!

      -Hsiao-Ting (

      1. Thank you. It is super easy - you will love it. I'm an artist, but when it comes to my nails, I cannot do squat. When I came up with this, it was a miracle. A way to get cute home-manicured nails simply? Yes! Keep coming around! I have it on a to-do list. I will comment on your blog when the DIY is up, so you don't miss it. :)