Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I Live!

*calls across the abyss* “ARE YOU STILL OUT THERE?”

That was quite the vacation from blogging!

The first day of classes brought a small
 snow storm this semester!
Hello from the land of negative temperatures! 

It is an extra-cold winter in New England, without the added beauty of snow.  Hi Polar Vortex, long time now see, how you doin’? Our snow quantity has been pretty small in my area which I should be excited about since I don’t like the cold, but I am not excited about because recently it is actually colder when it isn’t snowing. Bring on the snow! Please!

The high today was 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

When I left at 7am this morning, it was -9 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dear friends in warmer climates: ship me your above 32 degree Fahrenheit temperatures.

You might say I have taken to hibernating. Indoor activities only. Lots of warm clothes. Many snuggles with my cute and adorable pups. When I hibernate I go into an extreme form of hermitting which often includes avoiding all friends and technology in favor of other projects I have been needing to accomplish…and Netflix. The cold brings out Introvert’s need to be nourished.

While I wish I could say this is 100% the reason I have neglected this blog space, I cannot. For the past few weeks, yes, this hibernation has contributed to lack of posting, but overall it has not been the sole culprit. Here’s the thing: I have been living IRL – In Real Life. And boy, it feels good!

Sometimes you need to lay aside the digital life for a while and remember what it feels like to not live your life via Google-search. Through the frenzy of last semester and the whirlwind that became my winter break, I made the conscious decision to do just that. Many wonderful changes have occurred in my life as a result: I joined a sorority at my college, I have made new friends and grown closer to old ones, for the first winter break in a long time I was always on the go, I have a few at-home businesses in development, and so much more.

Recapping the last few months is too difficult to do over the span of one post. Instead, I am introducing a new, temporary blog series - Throwback Thursday edition. Throwback Thursday is used all over Facebook and Instagram to recapture and remember moments, usually in the form of pictures. This mini-series will work the same way. Each week, I will recap over something(s), revisiting them so that you can see (and so that I can get caught up on back-logged posts!).

Stay tuned, Doodles! 

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