Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer Loves

No, I don't mean the romantic kind. (Those make good stories, too!)

I can hardly believe that summer is halfway through. A gift of college is that, although the semesters are rigorous, summer starts a full month earlier than high school. (I always feel like I'm getting away with an early Christmas gift, between earlier summer breaks and a month long breather between semesters. However did I survive high school without them?) Recently, I finished a seven week summer semester. There was a lot of personal one-on-one time between Conceptual Physics and I, and we had a few rows, but we've come out unscathed and I on top. (A fair fight, I must say)

I just love the sea.

With a few weeks of summer still laid out ahead of me, I find myself loving, enjoying and anticipating my favorite parts of summer:

Warm summer breezes. The lazy afternoons spent laying in the sun, a good book in hand. Tackling my ever-growing To Be Read (TBR) list. Bonfires. S'mores (sometimes made via microwave as often as fireside).  Late nights spent outside laying on the swing watching the stars (especially when talking with a friend). The intermittent glow of fireflies. Dancing dragonflies. Curious hummingbirds. Bird watching. Butterflies. Homemade iced tea. Green drinks and juices savored in the morning air on the porch out of mason jars. Fruit salads. Fragrant flowers. Vegetable gardens. My fingers playing in dirt. Kids Can Grow. Children's bright, eager eyes. Freshly picked snap peas off the vine. Watermelon dripping down my chin. Fruit salads. Colorful, fragrant, mouthwatering salads. Country car rides, windows down and music loud - screaming the lyrics to every song. Laughter. Gathering friends. Exploring tide pools. Salty air. Barefeet. Foot prints in the sand. Warm sand between my toes. The glow of the sun. Yard sales.  Tank tops. Rolled pants. Sundresses.  Humming fans. Miniature golf. Capturing memories. Making memories. Quiet. Rekindling my hidden passions and pleasures - photography, scrapbooking, writing, drawing, reading, painting and blogging. Skype dates. Blue skies. Late night drive-in's spent munching snacks, laughing with friends and telling stories just to stay awake. Reunions. Water balloons. Overgrown fields blowing in the wind. Tadpoles. Chasing frogs. The haunting hoot of an owl in the silence of the night. Bats racing, chasing stars at dusk. Fireworks.  That feeling that anything is possible. Badminton. Little paws bounding circles around our yard. The smokey smell of burning wood. Sounds, scents, sights and feelings of a Native American powwow. The rhythmic beat of native drums. The soothing songs of native flutes. Freedom. Out with the old, in with the new. Unloading old weight (figuratively speaking). Daily meditations. Fairy gardens. Newness. Endless possibilities. Adventure. Woodland hikes. The promise of fall.

What are some of your summer loves?

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