Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mini Personal Trainer.

Amara has many, many quirks - and nicknames! Today, those quirks and all her many nicknames grew. Food Thief, Attention Hog, and Fitness Expert Extraordinaire. 

Amara, making sure dad stays on-task.

We recently set up our Total Gym. Exercising, being more active, and becoming more fit were all a part of my 2014 Endeavor. (I'll be doing an update on that Endeavor soon!) So the family agreed - the Total Gym needed to be set up. Currently it is in our sun room/green house/doggie salon/storage room. This morning while I was in the sun room putting on my gardener hat and tending to my veggies, dad sat down on the total gym to do a few exercises before work.

Next thing we knew - Amara hopped right on for the ride!

Occasionally she tried lick his face, but mostly she
made herself comfortable on his lap.
Now she is dad's Personal Fitness Coach. What can I say, it's a tough life being a spoiled pup.