Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Morale Boosting: Strange Food Combinations

Food isn't the answer to our problems, I know that. Drowning sorrows in a bag of potato chips or chocolate chips is not going to solve anything. Goodness, though, when the times get rough a bag of chips never tasted better. When something in my world comes crashing down I just want to sit down with a creamy piece of cake or pie and revel every bite. Bring on the comfort foods! Give me creamy. Chocolate-y. Salty. Something savory to wash my sorrows down!

(At least until the initial shock or sting is through.)

After experiencing a blow this evening, I found myself diving for chocolate and feel good movies. (Good ol' faithful emotional numbing.) But when my sweet tooth got an ache, I found myself diving for something a bit more...unique.

Gluten-free multi-grain bagel, German mustard, melted cheese and chia seeds.

It got me thinking about strange food combinations. And researching them.

Here are some of mine, in addition to what is displayed above:
- Pickles and peanut butter. (This is a recent one. I made it up for a character in a story and then found out it was real! Google images is full of pictures - check it out!)

- Pickles and cheese on crackers. (Or, for something a little less weird: kalamata olives and cheese)

- Ranch dressing and pizza. (My brother introduced this to me years ago - any creamy, white dressing gives extra flavor. If you haven't tried it, you should give it a shot!)

- Peanut butter with brown rice syrup. (I completely stumbled on this while baking. I had a bit of both on my fingers and licked it so that I got them both at the same time. Newest obsession by far!!)

- Tuna fish sandwiches or chicken salad sandwiches with potato chips between the layers of bread. (It adds a salty, flavor-filled crunch!)

- Black bean, pepper and mango salad. (Sometimes I find myself eating this in winter because it feels like spring in my mouth.)

- Peanut butter and banana. (I love PB and banana sandwiches! I always receive some shocked comments every time I whip one out.)

Here are some links I found of other really unique food combinations:

Ketchup and banana? Banana and mayo? Mayo and peanut butter?!

What kind of strange food combinations do you love?

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