Thursday, January 16, 2014

Poof's Adventures

(In case you need a refresher on Poof, you can go here and read up on him and the other wackadoodles you might find featured on this blog.)

Homework procrastination led to a realization this evening: while I plastered images of Poof's adventures all over facebook and twitter over the holiday, I never shared them here! (The problem with going so long without blogging - forgetfulness) Time to fix that!

The bio page needs an overhaul - since I wrote it, Poof inherited a new friend: Goldie. While Poof was my Dorm Room Defender, Goldie is my Laptop Defender. In their mutual positions of defending, their friendship blossomed. Now the two are inseparable. They spend their days propped up on my desk, defending my computer room, my work, and all the good in humanity. (A pretty big job for two little ones!)

Poof and his best buddy, Goldie, watching the aftermath of a snowstorm from the warmth and safety of the indoors.
Much cozier inside!

Going for a spin in Santa's sleigh!
Doing Jolly Old Saint Nick a favor by having a pre-Christmas test ride.

Penguins and I have a long standing, naturally...we needed a penguin in the family. Christmas felt like a proper time to introduce a new member to the Wackadoodle gang. In the wee hours of Christmas morning, dad tip-toed into my "apartment." When I awoke, there on my bureau was our newest addition. So. Freaking. Adorable. Look at those crystal blue eyes!

Poof and Goldie wandering through their gifts with their new friend - Waddles!

Waddles, Poof and Goldie found Santa's hat on the floor after he left and all decided to try it on.

Poof, Waddles and Goldie out enjoying the Christmas snowfall in style.

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