Friday, April 25, 2014

I'm Not Watching You

Daily Dose of Cute time!

It's no secret we have two little mischievous love-bug dogs. We really try to train our dogs well. But, seriously, little dogs? They're so cute - and it is a trap. It's like with babies. All of their bad habits make you laugh, you cannot help but think they're adorable. Everyone else, maybe not so much.

Knowing this we are constantly working on training and retraining our dogs. For a rrreeaalllyyy long time we allowed our dogs in the kitchen, but they've a habit of getting under foot and staring up at you with those "isn't that piece of carrot for me?" eyes. The latter is less of a problem than the former, where my grandmother is now getting to the age where her balance is terribly poor. To curb this behavior we now vanquish them to the other room.

Most of the time they go to the living room...but on occasion....

...On occasion Amara'll peaks her head through the curtains and watches us from there.

It's like she thinks she's getting away with something

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  1. Loved the post and the story. Little fluffy things can be so cute and naughty in the same time. :)

    Lu ❤

    1. Amara definitely excels in the "cute and naughty at the same time" talent. ;)

      Thank you for dropping by!